Wait one minute, contain the shag upwards!

Wait one minute, contain the shag upwards!

[Verse 2: Apache] Here comes troubles and it’s really all that, indeed get in touch with You happen to be 2nd out-of kin, friend, follow the move style When you slip, I grips very be prepared to get bruised Ask me personally easily provide a fuck cos We isn’t had shit to lose Bang around, put as much as and also stuck-up Your beat me personally? ) My personal cock! Let me know, so is this some sort of tournament? I cut ya fuckin direct of and use it because the a great Christmas tree ornament Started and provide me a test anybody who says getting a knowledgeable Actually leaves having a 40-less than footprint for the their bust Fucked upwards, got stuck, wade force your own luck All of their foot was included in straight back away from a trash vehicle Lead found in the club out-of an effective limosuine The remainder of their human anatomy at a dump-webpages when you look at the Queens Really guy, Mr. Handman, you like braggin Ya fucked up, generated an incorrect change and you can inserted the fresh dragon We said I am out over stalk, Last nigga experimented with me personally, died Grams, believed my tomahawk Apache, which is me personally, I’m gettin rappers’ ass 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin step three


The fresh Goat. Grams. Thank you for visiting my heart Honies end up being it strong inside the they placenta Cool just like the pole throughout the cold weather Away from the originator, however, I’d which rap crap sewed And when my Mac unloads I’m protected another video Happy to perish, as to the reasons I operate that way? Pop music Duke remaining Mother Duke The fresh faggot got the back way Therefore rather than makin hoes suck my personal penis right up I utilized to-do stick-right up End in hoes was irritatin for instance the hic-Cups Excuse me, circulates only develop through me personally Eg woods so heta Asiatiska kvinnor you can branches High cliffs to help you avalanches Simple fact is that praying mantis Deep for instance the attention regarding Farrakhan A great motherfuckin rap experience, along with

Easily is actually deaf, dumb, blind, dumb, lame Handicapped, crippled and “pussy” try my personal middle title You couldn’t defeat myself smooth, snap you to definitely neck including a Chico adhere I know who’ll getcha short (Just who?

(I’d way more glocks and you will techs than your) We enable it to be sizzling hot (Nigga wouldn’t also stand close to you) Nigga touch me you best bust me personally tree times regarding head Otherwise motherfucker’s inactive, ya consider thus

[Eminem] There is certainly many different membership so you’re able to Demon worshippin: horse’s heads, peoples sacrifices, cannibalism; candles and you can exorcism Animals with sex that have ’em; camels animals and rabbits But I really don’t enter into you to, We kick the habit – I just, defeat you to definitely passing which have firearms you to definitely consume from the tissue And i never eat your until the fresh screwing, animal meat looks new I experienced a beneficial lion in my pouch, I am sleeping, I experienced a great 9 in my wallet and child I am simply, passing away so you can manhood your He is able for war, I’m in a position to have war I had machetes and swords the faggot having said that he had been intense My personal uz’ due to the fact, big since the your personal, yeah you came across me before I simply didn’t have while the higher a toolbox of firearms prior to Marshall often step-in the door, We set your head on to the ground With your body bequeath into bedspread, purple for the wall surface red toward threshold, yellow on to the ground, rating a special slut Met towards the second, moist into 3rd; upcoming she is lifeless towards fourth – I am dead wrong

When I regularly purchase many hip hop records, and cassettes towards the walkman, it was one of those tracks that vividly decorated just what stylish switch is actually everything about, in a golden age in advance of all crap that’s peddled just like the hip hop today.

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